Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A League of Their Own- the characters

Members of the Rockford Peaches team.

 Dottie Green was born on April 30, 1921 in Natick, Massachusetts. She played professionally from 1943-1953 as a catcher. Dottie batted and threw right handed. She was 5 feet and 10 inches tall. When Dottie was eight, she started playing baseball with the boys in her neighborhood. The other sports she played were basketball, softball and field hockey.   

The other members 

Clara Cook, Josephine Skoken, Dorothy " Kammile "Mcreary, Gladys Terry Davis, Eileen Burmeister, Rella Swamp, Lillian Jackson, Betty Fritz, Millie Warwick, Pauline Dick, Dorothy Sawyer White,  Lorraine Wuethrich, Marjorie Peters, Muriel Coben, Millie Deegan, Olive Little, Marie Timm, Irene Sanvitis, Helen Sandiford, Mary Pratt.


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