Monday, April 27, 2015


        The Benefits of Coding are many, You could start your own website. Do coding as a career. You could start a business in technology. It's easy to set up your website, because yo don't need any special software. The basic codes are HTML, CSS and Java Script. 

     No corporation owns the web. When you try out coding, you will see it is easy for beginners. You could find training online. Learning coding helps problem solving skills. High school students can take tech classes as electives.

    To be successful in the future young people need to learn to create and express their ideas with computers.

       I read about Boston's firefighters and the problem they had finding fire hydrants during snowstorm. A program and a website  (citizens volunteer to shovel out hydrants in a storm) was created by code for america. They help the government create  technology to make their services easy to use, simple, but still very workable.